The Issue

It is estimated there are 143 million orphans in the world and 100 million children living on the streets, with another child being orphaned every 2 seconds. With your help, Mum’s the Word are committed to helping these children.

Why Eastern Europe?

Mum’s the Word, though by no means exclusively, are particularly committed to the area of Eastern Europe.

The legacy of communism is often blamed for the high levels of poverty still found across Eastern Europe. This led to many abandoned children. After the fall of communism in 1991 wars and instability ravaged many of these countries. The political upheaval Eastern Europe has seen in the past 20 years has led to a wide array of problems, including adding to the dramatic increase in the number of orphaned children. The high numbers of these children stretched the capacity of the orphanages and the capability of managing these well.

Our partners working hands on in these areas tell us that never has there been more need than now. There was much effort over the past 20 years to relieve the problems, but in today’s world, with the current economic crisis across Europe and much of the world, the situation is feared to be getting worse.

Mum’s the Word volunteers have seen first-hand, babies grey from living underground, children living 10 to a bed, girls as young as 10 involved in the sex trade. And all this within the EU that we in the UK are part of.

What about at home?

We often can neglect issues that are on our doorstep. Of course, the situation in the UK is not at the point of many other countries across the globe. However, shockingly it is reported that 30% of children in the UK are in poverty. You can read about this in more depth on the Child Poverty Action Group website.

We have been shocked by the amount of need there is in our country and in our capital city. London is the 6th richest city in the world, yet alongside this wealth 4 in 10 children in our capital live in poverty. In Mum’s the Word’s home borough of Islington ‘End Child Poverty’ state that there are 1637 children in temporary accomodation and Islington council state that 45% of the boroughs children live in poverty.

Islington is much like the rest of London, whereby the wealthy and the poor live side by side. London is home to some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the country who flock here for the work of inner London, yet it is also full of poverty and being so densely populated only accentuates the extremity.

The living of the wealthy and poor side by side should only serve to benefit our cause. Our task is easy; to take the waste of the wealthy and distribute it to the need of the poor.

We do this by operating a referral system in London called ‘The Boutique‘ whereby families are referred to us by social services and other local trusted agencies. Most families also need equipment such as cots, blankets, prams, moses baskets etc. Recently launched in September 2014 ‘The Boutique‘ is run in partnership with Choices Islington.

More information on ‘The Boutique’, how to volunteer or refer, can be found here.

We apologise that we do not take any self referrals, however, if you are a keyworker you can make referral here.


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