Throw A Party

Throwing a party can be a great way of having fun as you collect clothes. The main aim for the party is to be a point for collection, a time for friends to bring their second hand clothes. The secondary aim is to have a giggle and create a network of support as Mum’s.

The party can also be a time to fundraise. For example, you might decide to charge your guests for their coffee on a coffee morning.
We have a few ideas here for you but the important thing is to work out what suits you and your friends. And don’t try to reinvent the wheel, if you already attend a post natal group coffee morning then why not suggest that you bring your second hand clothes next time.

Here at ‘Mum’s the Word’ we are fans of the domino effect! If you host a party why not ask your guests if anyone would like to host the next party, in say 3 months, when you might have new clothes to donate. This means the momentum keeps growing.

If you would like to throw a party find your party pack here.

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