First Drop Off-London-Aug 2011!

April 24, 2012


You can watch a video of our London drop off here

After all the planning of Mum’s the Word being a charity for those in need abroad, we make our first drop off in our home town of London! :-)

Being in London during the riots in August 2011 was a pretty scary place to be. All the awful sights you see on the news of places far away were suddenly happening in my city, on my street. Fear and confusion hang like a heavy, almost visible, cloud. It really was the strangest of times.

The beauty of Mum’s the Word is that we are a small personal charity and this meant we could react immediately. I spoke to Haringey council (which looks after Tottenham, one of the worst hit areas) and they were taking collections for those who had lost their homes and belongings in Tottenham in the fires. It seemed like the perfect place to officially begin our work.

While we were there dropping off the clothes Ikea arrived with a van load of kitchen ware, Tesco’s came with a lorry of food. There was an enormous sense of people coming together. Just like those people that got up every morning with their brooms to clean up the streets, it felt like we were beating the badies.

Charity definitely starts at home. Thanks for being a part.

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