How do I get my second hand clothes to you?

1. You can post to our head office: Mum's The Word, First Floor, York House, 207-221 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9UZ
2. You can throw a party in your house
3. You can drop off a local collection point

How can I be sure that my clothes will reach those in need?

We do not sell clothes to fund the charity, instead we promise that all items will go direct to those in need. We also film every delivery so you can see your clothes being given out.

What size clothes are needed?

Currently we are taking clothes aged newborn to 16 years.

Where are the clothes distributed?

We are currently taking clothes to orphanages and street families in eastern Europe.

Where will any money donated go?

We partner with orphanages and other worthy organisations who work first hand with the children. The majority of the money will go to these projects along with a small percentage going to the delivery of the clothing (i.e. petrol). All our workers are volunteers.

If I host a party how do we get the clothes to you?

We would ask that a small financial collection is made at the party with a suggested donation of £2 per person to make up the cost of posting the clothes to our London office.

Do you take toys or books?

We will take good quality clean toys and picture books.

If I ask my school/church/nursery to be a collection point what do they have to do?

The institution can get as involved as they would like. It would help us if the institution could advertise the collection within their organisation and also fundraise to post them to the office monthly. However, in some circumstances we can organise a monthly collection.

I am a Mum in business, how can I be involved?

We are looking for businesses to partner us. If you feel your business could give financially, to ‘Mum’s the Word’ by one off or regular donations, please contact us.

I am a Dad, how can I get involved?

Dad’s are very useful! In the same way as Mum’s we’d love you to be involved by collecting clothes or providing funds. Dad’s can also get involved in the delivery by taking the clothes overland to eastern Europe. Contact us if you wish to join us on a trip.

I am not a parent, how can I get involved?

Please don’t let this put you off. You could still help us set up a collection point or throw a party. You can also fundraise or donate. You could even come in and help us sort through the clothes ready for delivery at our London Head Office.

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