Croatia Drop Off!

June 19, 2012

On June 11th 2012 we took your donated clothes to 2 children’s homes, the Red Cross, a childrens ward in a hospital and a gypsy village.

Seeing your used clothes go to happy homes was something quite incredible. Some of the highlights were putting shoes on to the feet of the gypsy children who otherwise didn’t have any. Their feet were in such states, as you can imagine. One boy put on a pair of shoes and went straight over to a really gravely patch of ground and ran on the spot as hard as he could. I guess because he could. Without getting hurt. Amazing.

It was great to go to children’s homes and they were so grateful for our donations. One children’s home also housed teenage mothers. They house the Mum and baby for a year together and they would then house the baby for another year while the Mum went and got work, housing etc and the Mum could come visit whenever she wanted, until she was in a position to take the baby with her. What precious support they are giving there. As well as looking after many other children and social orphans.

It was also great to visit a hospital. The nurses at the hospital not only look after the health of these children, they also cook all the meals and they said they didn’t have the money available to buy pajamas and clothes for the children, so they were also repairing the clothes themselves too. Super nurses! So they were very grateful to have bags of clothes for all the children that come in.

We were constantly told the quality of our clothes was the highest they’d seen from any donations. We were very proud of this and can’t thank you enough for donating such good quality clothing. We think it is important that we continue to do this, to show the children the most respect and love we can.

My personal highlight (Lindsey) was seeing the faces of these children. These children don’t ask to be abandoned by their parents, or be born in to such poverty or complicated family life. They are helpless. And I and the team were honored to be a part of showing them love, clothing them, giving them some dignity and relieving a little of the work that these amazing people do day in day out in children’s homes and elsewhere. My favourite story of the trip was finding out that the children in the gypsy village had stopped going to school because they literally had nothing to wear. They had been asking their Mum’s to go and beg in town and bring back some clothes for them. Now they can go to school and hopefully with their head held high in their new clothes! It’s not ‘just giving some clothes’ it’s actually so much bigger than that, we have made an impact on these particular children’s lives, with clothes your children simply no longer need.

We made this happen together and I can’t wait for the next time.
Here’s a few pics and there are more to be found on our facebook page.

Thank you to all who made this possible.

To our packers… Randall Breneman, Stuart Price, Elaine Powling, Stephanie Powling, all in the Kitchen’s hub group at KXC and Rachel Heath for all helping to pack our boxes.

To all who donated clothes….to Kim Turner and all who donated to the Raspberry Rascals in Bury St Edmunds, Lindy Rogers, Lisa Orange and all who went to their parties in Liverpool, Jan Sheldon, Kevan Gallagher and Britta, Holly Elverson, Suzanne Excell, Kings Cross Church, Rebecca O’Brien and Hackney/Islington NCT, Becky Mason and all at Captivated, Pippa Woodroffe and the Mums of Barnes, and so many more who donated their children’s used clothing.

And thank you to all those who supported us financially to get the clothes there! Including all those who helped in the Bedford fundraiser including Lizee Brown, Marcus Bonfanti, Marli Harwood, Shane Beales, Dean Elliot, Ashley Givens, Scott Wiber, Jake Field, Randall Breneman, Nina Breneman for the cakes, Selena de Freitas.

And special thank you to Paddy Milner, Matthew Gest and Tom Cleary for the ridiculous drive to and from London to Croatia and the hairy few hours at boarder control. Well done lads!!

Thank you to Chris Taylor for his very generous loan of a van!!

And also to Elvin and Lesley Dudley in Croatia who helped and connected us with those who needed your clothes.

Sorry if we have forgotten you! You know who you are and you are no less special.

Love from
Lindsey, Tom and the team. x
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