What we do

Our major aims are two-fold:

  • To relieve the poverty of orphans and young people in need by providing clothing, collected from parents in the UK
  • The financial relief to organisations and orphanages looking after young people in need

We do this by:

Co-founder’s Tom and Lindsey Cleary say: “Having seen many of our friends and family recently enjoy having children we were amazed at how quickly these little ones grow and therefore grow out of their clothes! Together we have taken a number of trips out to Eastern Europe and have seen first hand the need in some places, so we set about attempting to join these two things up; the inevitable waste here and the desperate need there. And this has become ‘Mum’s The Word’.”

Charity can sometimes seem a scary word but our aim is to keep ‘Mum’s the Word’ as personal and transparent as possible. We personally deliver these clothes and are committed to filming each delivery trip so our givers can actually see their clothes being given out to the orphanages or street families. At ‘Mum’s the Word’ we want every person that donates to feel ownership and personal satisfaction over all they do for the charity and the vulnerable children. We also promise that every piece of clothing donated goes straight to those in need. None are sold on to finance the project. You give – children receive.

We wanted to offer more than just clothes and create a way of making a more rounded impact on the welfare of the children. Therefore we are committed to partnering with orphanages and worthy organisations who are already working first hand in the areas we visit with our clothes. This is why we not only collect clothing but also finances. A small percentage of this money goes to the delivery of the clothes (petrol etc), but the majority goes direct to the fantastic but needy organisations already working to look after these children in their areas.

We are fuelled by the thought that everyone has the power to help. If you would like to help in any way visit our help out page or volunteer to be further involved.

To see our recent trips visit our Blog for pictures and videos

To find out more about our referral system look here

We can’t change the world but together we can change the world for a few

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